Has prayer become another task on your checklist? Do you mumble tehillim in times of need, but real spiritual connection…feels like a distant memory?


Delve into the essence of tefilla, through a totally new paradigm. Understand what is feminine prayer, and how Rivka, a “seemingly broken being, trapped in an upbringing of evil, is the one who teaches us about prayer. In its essence. 

In this journey through Rivka’s life you’ll:

  • Clarify why our Sages define prayer as a feminine act and how it is our active part in our relationship with Him.

  • Understand how Prayer is the master-key to our spiritual power – and is a new opportunity every single day, to connect.

  • Reveal how Rivka, despite her wicked upbringing, heard the stirrings of her soul and chooses to make her life with Yitzhchak, the paragon of perfection.

  • Develop a real connection to prayer - even in the midst of your mundane and hectic life

  • Discover how to change Hashem’s Will through prayer and why He wants us to do this!

  • Debunk the myth that Judaism is a patriarchal system when it comes to prayer

  • Shift out of a mindset of shame into one of unconditional love

In this program you’ll also get:

  • Meditations for dealing with extraneous thoughts that disrupt our prayers

  • Experiential exercises, “called vessel work” to bring the teachings home

This program’s for you even if…

  • You’ve listened to dozens of classes on prayer

  • You have very little time to daven formally

  • You feel disconnected from prayer, and have even given up

BONUS: “Rivka Pitchers”

Uncover the mystical meaning of Rivka's pitchers and discover how they symbolize the role of women in redemption.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Session 1 - Foundations
  • 2
    Session 2: Love Like Fire
    • Session 2 - Love Like Fire
    • Source sheet and diagram
    • Vessel Works #2 and #3
  • 3
    Session 3: A Woman's Prayer
    • A Woman's Prayer
    • Source sheet and diagrams
    • Rivka 3 - Audio only
  • 4
    Session 4 - The 3 Levels of Rivka's Prayers
    • The three levels of feminine prayer
    • Source sheet
    • The three levels of feminine prayer - Audio only
  • 5
    Session 5 - The Chayot HaKodesh - Beasts of the Holy Chariot
    • Source pack
    • Session 5
    • The Chayot HaKodesh - Beasts of the Holy Chariot
  • 6
    Session 6 - Yaakov and Eisav - Lights and Vessels
    • Source sheet
    • Session 6 - Audio only
    • The Live Chat
    • Yaakov and Eisav, Vessels and Lights
  • 7
    Session 7 - Preparing the World for Redemption
    • Source pack
    • Vessel Work
    • Rivka session 7 - Audio only
    • Rivka Imeinu: Preparing the World for Redemption
  • 8
    Rivka 2021 Live Closing Session
    • Live Rivka Closing Session - with 2021 Cohort
    • Live Closing Session - with 2021 Cohort - Audio only