Rise into your Femininity. The Foundation. A Journey with Chava

February - March
In the 9-part series, you’ll delve into the story of Chava and creation, and discover a cosmic blueprint to understand yourself, your relationships and your deepest potential, so you can make practical steps towards healing and change.
YES! I'm ready to dive in.

"This series was like hearing my name when I had forgotten who I was”

Goldie, London

  • Uncover brand new paradigms and explore what is possible for you, as a woman in the 21st century

  • Unlock the secrets of “The Feminine Archetype” encoded into the story of creation

  • Discover how your personal challenges fit into the collective journey of all the women that have lived before us.

  • Embrace your gentle feminine power, sensitivity, intuition so you can navigate challenging relationships and conflicts.

  • Reconcile your struggles with the traditional Jewish feminine role, and understand the real depths of femininity according to Torah

  • Included: community forum, plus 2 live optional group-coaching sessions

Session 1: Meet YOUR Feminine Archetype

What are your subconscious associations with your complete feminine potential?

BONUS: Receive the “Putting on your Crown: Mini-Course" when you sign up for the full Chava course

A practical guided mini-workshop to:

  • Create breakthroughs and shifts in areas of your life where you’re feeling stuck.

  • Explore feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and relationships that you want to shift

  • Understand “old stories” that are no longer serving you

  • Tap into your deeper truth so you can rise into your full potential

  • Access insights so you can take your next step towards growth and healing